Our Services

How Can We Serve You?

Here at NHM, we are passionate and committed to help you achieve Health and Wellness through natural approaches. Below are just a few of the unique services we offer.

  • Health Counseling

    Health Counseling

    Natural Health Counseling can help you improve your health and wellness through nutritional and lifestyle changes, proper diet and nutrition, knowing what foods to avoid eating (most especially for clients battling cancer), understanding wellness principles, as well as detoxification protocols…

  • TKM® Consultation

    TKM® Consultation

    This consultation is usually combined with natural health counseling. We talk about your health concern(s) and related symptom(s), as well as a history of all your known operations and injuries or accidents in the past and present, in order to…

  • TKM® Therapy

    TKM® Therapy

    The King Institute Method®, or TKM®, is a powerful non-invasive therapy that promotes extraordinarily efficient healing and health restoration using only light touch from both hands, which recent scientific research has shown to be one of the most profound and extraordinary discoveries for health recovery today. TKM®…

  • TKM® Classes

    TKM® Classes

    Emergency Integrative Medicine Techniques (EMT)  This half-day (5-hr) class covers vital information on how bio-energy and your environment affect your health. You will learn life-saving emergency procedures using only your two hands, which over the span of more than 25 years have…