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TKM® Therapy

TKM® Therapy

The King Institute Method®, or TKM®, is a powerful non-invasive therapy that promotes extraordinarily efficient healing and health restoration using only light touch from both hands, which recent scientific research has shown to be one of the most profound and extraordinary discoveries for health recovery today.

TKM® is a hands-on approach to health disorders using light touch. This gentle method is a non-invasive approach to re-establishing energetic balance and harmony in your body, addressing the root cause from a physics point of view rather than symptoms of disease or pain (which is simply bio-electromagnetic energy that is not circulating properly).

It promotes rapid healing and has shown to be highly effective to help reverse critical health issues and chronic diseases as it activates a resurgence of vibrant health.

Andrew Alarcon doing TKM

A typical TKM® session. The practitioner places his left and right finger pads on the recipient’s Energy Spheres.

A typical TKM® session is about 45 minutes long. You simply lay face-up on a bed without removing any clothing (except for external metallic objects, watches, and/or underwire bras if still wearing one), and you relax or preferably sleep.

The TKM® practitioner gently places his or her left and right finger pads on precise points on your body called Energy Spheres, moving to different points in a specific sequence. The practitioner is trained to feel for balanced energetic pulsations before moving on to the next step, until the sequence is finished.

*Length of time: 45-60 mins.
*Therapy Fee: PhP2,500/session

*Prepaid Packages:

PhP22,500/10 sessions

PhP40,000/20 sessions


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Some of the actual health concerns which we have worked on using TKM® with successful results are as follows:

  • regeneration of 3rd degree burns/wounds
  • skin issues (rashes, psoriasis, texture, etc)
  • paralysis and spinal injuries (rehabilitation and recovery)
  • bell’s palsy
  • enhanced recovery from broken bones / fractures
  • all heart-related conditions, heart attack recovery
  • early stages of cancer (breast, colon, prostate, etc.)
  • early childhood autism and ADHD
  • insomnia
  • high fever
  • anaphylactic shock and common allergies
  • acid reflux
  • pain anywhere in the body
  • knee problems
  • hormonal problems (menstrual/menopausal)
  • infertility, erectile dysfunction
  • epilepsy (all forms), Convulsions, petit mal, grand mal, status epilepticus, tonic-clonic, etc.
  • migraines/ headache
  • stroke prevention and recovery
  • daily fatigue
  • edema
  • coma recovery
  • eye conditions
  • urination issues
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • many more!



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about TKM®:


What types of health issues can TKM® help?
In varying degrees, every issue thus far encountered.
We acknowledge that this is a huge claim.  It is because of the encompassing effect on all of the body’s systems. Re-establishing energy coherence helps all physical, mental and emotional issues. In many cases, it has been enough to totally eliminate the problem. The scientific basis of the correlations and the consistent historical efficacy through numerous empirical studies is what allows us to make such a statement.

How does the circulation of 'energy' affect my health?
All 144,000 systems in our body depend on proper bio-electromagnetic energy circulation. Disease and pain result when there is a lack of proper energetic circulation. This is most evident in the body’s physical systems such as the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems, which are affected by bio-electromagnetic energy circulation or lack of it.

How many treatments will I need for recovery?
It depends with every individual and the illness or disorder, which involves many factors. Once therapy has begun and the progress is noted, it is easier to provide a time span.
A person typically starts to see some results within one to three sessions, but it is generally suggested to wait for ten sessions to make a comparison of before and after starting therapy. This is in order that you may give enough opportunity to realize the efficacy to continue and follow through until you get the issue(s) resolved.

Is this safe? Does it have any negative side effects?
TKM® has no known ill-effects, as explained by several health professionals in this video. All we are using is light contact from our two hands, and you can even do this on yourself.

Will this interfere with other treatments or medications I'm currently receiving?
TKM® will it not interfere with the function of medication(s). In fact, it will help your body eliminate some of the toxic effects as well as some of the expected negative side-effects of each medication.

What should I bring for my TKM® therapy appointment?
We ask that you come wearing comfortable clothing made of 100% natural materials such as cotton, linen or silk. We will not require you to remove any clothing, except all external metallic objects and accessories such as jewelry, watches, belts with metal buckles, and most especially under-wire bras. These interfere with bio-electromagnetic energy circulation in the body because of the nature of metals. It is  preferable that you come for your session not wearing any of these items.
Also, it is highly recommended that you come with an empty stomach for your session. The most ideal would be two (2) hours before taking a meal, in order to receive the most benefit from the TKM® session.

Should I be doing anything during the session?
You do not need to think, say or do anything during the session. The best thing that you can do to help us in doing the therapy is to relax and go to sleep. That is when you will receive the most benefit from TKM®.
There will be many instances when we will be sliding our hands underneath your back in order to reach an appropriate Energy Sphere, and you may have the urge to lift your body in order to assist us. We appreciate your good intentions, but it would help us best that you simply relax and allow us to  do it ourselves. This will also benefit you much more during the session.
If you would like to pray silently or would like to ask us to pray over you during the session, then you are most welcome to do so.

What should I feel during a session?
This always depends on each individual, and how sensitive you are to subtle energetic movement in your body. This involves several factors that are too many to list. You may not feel anything at all, and that is perfectly alright and does not mean that the therapy is ineffective. You may feel the actual movement of energy coursing through certain pathways, which may have different sensations depending on the individual. You may feel involuntary “jerking” or “gurgling” sensations not only in your stomach but in other parts of your body as well, which are also an indication of energetic movement.
Sometimes, you may actually feel heat or pain with varying intensities, from very mild to possibly sharp and excruciating pain that may last for a few seconds. This is only temporary and will dissipate quickly, so please do not be alarmed. This is an indication that a positive breakthrough is about to occur, as your energetic circulation tries to “break through” an existing blockage or congestion (which your body translates as pain).
Please feel free to bring it up with your practitioner if ever you experience these sensations so that he or she can give you more understanding.

Can I take a bath before/after the session?
Yes you may. This will not interfere or negate your therapy in any way.

Can I have more than one TKM® session with you in a day?
Absolutely, and we highly recommend it for serious illnesses. The most ideal would be to have TKM® done on you every eight (8) hours. However, for practical purposes, you can have up to two sessions with us per day, appropriately-spaced  for one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
Also, you are encouraged and expected to do the “homework” we give you at home, repeating them as often as you can. This expedites your recovery, and also greatly enhances TKM® done the practitioner.

Can you do home service appointments where I live?
Yes we can, depending on the circumstances. We prioritize bed-ridden or paralyzed clients in need of help. However, we will have to adjust our fee per session in order to cover the cost of travel (fuel and toll) within Metro Manila, and to compensate for the time we are away from the office. From experience, it takes an average of 2.5 to 3 hours per home service session, round-trip to and from our office.
Please contact us if you are considering a home service option for locations outside Metro Manila, as well as for international locations. We will be happy to help you out.

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  1. hello,
    My name is Mike Campos and I am from Cebu City, Philippines. I would like to know more about TKM. Do you have any scheduled training or seminar here in Cebu City, Philippines?


    Mike Campos

  2. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your inquiry. We are still coming up with a schedule for 2014. Once we can organize a group of at least 25 participants in Cebu, we will be able to hold a seminar there. We welcome the request of any group or organization such as schools or churches as well in case you are part of one. God bless and have a great 2014!

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