A compilation of amazing testimonials from our valued clients on their health victories through the help of NHM.

Edna Raralio - TKM® helps seal a 5-month old open wound within several hours
 In Sept 2012, I suffered from severe itch on my legs. The itch was beyond relief and my constant scratching resulted in over 30 wounds. After applying calamansi juice, the itch was relieved and all but three of the wounds healed.

In the next five months, I sought several modalities to heal my wounds. I would benefit from the different techniques of healing but the problem of my non-healing wounds was not resolved. I was getting desperate because the swelling on my foot and leg impaired my mobility and the increasing pain was causing much inconvenience.
Then I remembered meeting Mr. Baldous Lee in the PCAM 2010 Convention. He had asked if I would be interested in attending a seminar on a certain type of emergency technique with the use of just two hands. The concept sounded quite fascinating. I thought that this could really work for me. I researched on it and was introduced to TKM®. Through an email from Baldous, I was able to contact Dr. Andrew Alarcon. Dr. Andrew prescribed a recipe for my non-healing wounds.
Just 30 minutes into the S&S step (Stop the Bleeding & Seal the Wound), the drip in my wound stopped! Within 48 hours, my wounds stopped bleeding and were sealed. It would have taken less time, but I kept moving around and wasn’t able to do the S&S step as often as instructed by Dr. Andrew. Within 10 days, the swelling on my foot had subsided. After months of suffering, finally, my wounds were healing.
Two weeks into doing TKM®, I noticed some health issues that I’ve had for over two decades were being resolved. I was super sensitive to the cold, wind and heat. In the last two years, I also suffered from cold feet. Last year, it reached a point that it was difficult for me to focus because the coldness had turned to an icy level. I also had bouts of night sweating. Of the three concerns, acupuncture was able to address only the night sweating.
I was a little less sensitive to the cold. My feet didn’t feel icy anymore. I stopped sweating at night. I read that in Traditional Chinese Medicine, temperature control is part of the immune system. So it made sense that as I was doing more of the Anti-biotic & Immune System step, my problem with a defective defensive chi was being corrected.
Three weeks into the therapy, I started to feel unwell again. It was then I realized that I had skipped the Anti-biotic & Immune System step for several days. The day I resumed the step, I felt much better again.
Now when my feet start to feel cold or when I start to sweat at night or when I feel out of sorts, I realize that my body is telling me that I need to do TKM®, especially the Anti-biotic & Immune System step.
For the past twenty plus years, I have been seeking wellness. I was simply always tired. I tried doing many things and took so much stuff as well but I was still tired. With TKM®, I’m starting to feel better. I still have a long way to go but with this simple yet so powerful method, I am excited to experience optimum health.
Thank you TKM®! Thank you Dr. King! Thank you Dr. Andrew!
To God be the Glory!

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