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Here is a collection of our most frequently asked questions on NHM. Please contact us if you have any additional questions that have not been covered.

What is a Biblical Naturopathic Doctor (BND)?

Biblical Naturopathic Doctors are trained specialists in a separate and distinct healing art that operates according to Biblical principles. They use non-invasive natural and spiritual approaches to health and healing such as proper nutrition, herbs, and prayer. They are not medical doctors (M.D.s), nor are they affiliated with any medical institution.

BND’s study and specialize in natural health disciplines such as anatomy, physiology, counseling, dietary evaluations, nutrition, herbology, homeopathy, iridology, sclerology, detoxification, and non-invasive therapy.  In addition, they have training in prayer, laying on of hands, and inner healing.

They cooperate with all branches of medical science, referring individuals to a physician or other practitioner as appropriate. In practice, Biblical Naturopaths utilize Godly, natural, and God-revealed, science-based evaluative procedures to develop an individualized protocol for individuals seeking improvement and restoration of health and wholeness.

Biblical Naturopaths do not diagnose or label people with the names of medical diseases, nor are they involved in the practice of medical procedures.  Neither do they use pharmaceutical drugs, nor do they perform surgery.  In essence, BND’s are drugless practitioners trained in Biblical principles for the purpose of ministering to the whole person; spirit, soul, and body.

The Biblical Naturopathic Philosophy is based on the following principles:

  • Do no harm
  • Identify the cause and source
  • Support the body rather than treat symptoms
  • The God of the Bible is the healer and He desires for all people to be in health
  • The body has a God-given innate ability to heal itself and will do so when properly supported
  • God has made provision for recovery of sickness
  • Recognize the supernatural healing power of God
  • God uses the natural and the supernatural to restore health
  • God formed man in His image (body, soul, spirit) and health is a function of these three inter-functioning facets
  • Health is maintained through Biblical patterns and principles
  • Our bodies are meant to be the temples of the Holy Spirit to be nurtured and protected for His service
  • It is the professional responsibility of the practitioner to minister wholeness of body, soul, and spirit rather than treat symptoms

*Special thanks to Life Training Institute for this information.

What is Energetic Medicine?

Energetic Medicine, or Energetics for short,  is a physics-based approach to working with and optimizing the bio-electromagnetic system of the body in order to restore proper conductivity and coherence. This bio-electromagnetic system is very similar to the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems of the body – it is a circulatory system. When this system is not functioning properly, then the body’s autonomic nervous system malfunctions, creating a domino effect on the rest of the body’s systems.

It is interesting to note that whereas Western medicine has based it’s philosophy on biochemistry, Eastern medicine has based its philosophy on physics. From the perspective of Energetic medicine, disease is a state of imbalance in the conductivity of the body’s bio-electromagnetic energy circulation, which ascends up the back of the body and descends down the front. In the same regard and perspective, pain is simply bio-electromagnetic energy that is not circulating properly.

Energetic Medicine has been used successfully to treat various ailments for thousands of years in the East. In fact, the proper application of Energetics can be utilized not only to correct illness, but to maintain health as well.

What is TKM®?

The King Institute Method®, or TKM®, is a powerful restorative technique that promotes extraordinarily efficient healing and health recovery using only light touch from both hands. Learn more about TKM® and our TKM® Therapy Service.

Is TKM® “Alternative Medicine”?

It depends on the connotation! TKM® can be considered natural medicine, complimentary medicine, alternative medicine, and integrative medicine. It is natural. It does compliment other protocols for health recovery without conflicting or interfering. It is a positive and productive alternative to many other available approaches to health recovery issues. Most of all, we consider it to be a vital part of health and recovery that can and should be integrated into current existing programs, which include modern standardized medicine.

*Special thanks to The King Institute, Inc. for this information.

Why haven’t I heard about TKM® before?

Although TKM® has been around for over two decades, society and professionals are just beginning to realize the many applications for TKM® and gain a scientific, anatomical and proper language to understand and explain it. While this is true, TKM® has had front page coverage on top health magazines in the USA; it has been referred to in several well-known internationally published books; it has been seen on television programs both in the USA and the Philippines, such as the 700 Club Asia; and heard about on many local and international radio programs, newspaper reports and on national and international news media. It has been taught at UNT (University of North Texas) for over seven years.

Although it is gaining more acknowledgement by the traditional medical community as an effective natural approach to a multitude of disorders, we also need your help in spreading the word about this wonderful, safe, non-invasive method that you can learn and apply on yourself and your loved ones. Click here to find out more.

How can I explain TKM® to my Doctor and friends?

It all depends on their current knowledge and perspective. The less you say is probably better, until you find out if they are interested in knowing anything about natural medicine. No matter how excited one may be with results or the beginning hope of this knowledge, some people are just not interested. If they are, then we recommend that you direct them to NHM or The King Institute’s website.

Is TKM® esoteric or New Age? I’ve seen lots websites that talk about Energy, ‘Chakra’ or ‘Chi’ that seem a little strange..

NO! There are many sites that are very strange!

When there is a profound truth, especially when it glorifies God and helps His people, counterfeit systems will be encountered. For example, God created chemistry, and man created alchemy. God created astronomy, and man created astrology. God created mathematics, and man created numerology.

In essence, God created the bio-electromagnetic systems in the body as He did the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, and so on. Man created philosophies, theologies and methodologies to distort original truths.

These counterfeit systems have predominated, especially in the New Age movement, but the time is overdue to proclaim the truth and clean off the barnacles that the truth has collected in order to distinguish between God’s creation and purpose, and man’s attempt at counterfeits.

In practical terms, the 700 Club Asia has investigated TKM® to determine if it is Biblical or New Age. You can watch their special feature here.

How is TKM® different from other Energy-based modalities (i.e. High Touch, Reiki, EFT, Healing Touch, etc.)?

There are many differences and it would take more space than is reasonable in this FAQ to explain. For example, in our five-day class many distinctive differences are explained, but not all because there are so many. To name some of the most important distinctions:

  • There is no channeling of any kind of energy, no giving or taking, or transferring of energy. It is not possible to transfer energy when working with the natural, God-created, internal bioelectromagnetic energy system.
  • Contact (light touch) with both hands on the body is needed in order to effect a movement or circulation of bio-electromagnetic energy from the negative pole (left hand) to the positive pole (right hand), in congruence with principles in physics.
  • This method is working on a physically based energy which exists in all humans. There is nothing supernatural or spiritual about this method or the internal bio-electromagnetic energy system with which it works.
  • This method is based on science, physics and congruency which provides understanding of how the human body functions on an energetic level, and is also understood from a quantum physics perspective and how to help the body function better non-invasively without any possible repercussions.
  • This method has consistently achieved what no other method even claims to be able to accomplish in health restoration and in stopping acute emergency episodes.
  • This method is not applied through religion and, at the same time, honors God in its understanding and practice which does not conflict with the Word of God.
  • This method does not promote any philosophy, new age beliefs, religion, or practice, or anything in conflict with God’s living Word.
  • To conclude, TKM® promotes more understanding to provide extraordinary help and more congruency with all human experiences, with no physical, mental, emotional or spiritual repercussions, plus is able to evidence this through testing in all of these and other areas.

*Special thanks to The King Institute, Inc. for this information

Can I learn TKM® for myself and my family?

Absolutely! Anyone from all walks of life can attend the TKM® classes that we offer at NHM, including children (provided that they are old enough to understand and have a desire to learn about it). Attending TKM® classes can be a life-changing event. We highly recommend that you attend together as a family, as this can be a great way to bond closer with each other.

We offer two levels of classes: the half-day Emergency Integrative Medicine Techniques (EMT) class, and the two-day Self-Help TKM® class. We recommend that everyone starts with the EMT class, as it is the basic level class.

Participants of these classes in the past have included individuals from stay-at-home parents all the way to prominent members of the medical community, pastors and government officials.

You can find out more details about our classes and seminars here.

Can you teach a TKM® class to my group / school / church / company / area / province / etc?

Yes! We can work with you to arrange a seminar for your company, organization, hospital, church, college/university, fire and/or police department, neighborhood, community, and those interested in learning how to improve the quality of health and life in TKM®’s uniquely effective way!

We will need a minimum number of 20 participants in order to teach a class. Please feel free to contact us so we can help you organize a class in your area as soon as possible.


Can you give a free lecture on TKM® or Natural Health to my group?

We would love to! We can give your group a free 45-minute introductory lecture.  Please contact us so we can help make that happen for you.

Can I consult you about my health concern?

Yes you can, with the understanding that it will be a natural health consultation with a Biblical Naturopathic Doctor, for the purposes of educating you in establishing and maintaining a high quality of nutritional health through natural, non-toxic and non-invasive ways. We encourage you to read our disclaimer statement for more details before undergoing a consultation with us.

Can you diagnose or prescribe any medication for my health concern?

Our Natural Health consultation does not involve any medical diagnosis or prognosis and nothing said or performed by the Biblical Naturopathic doctor should be construed as such. We are not medical doctors (MD’s) nor are we affiliated with any medical institution, so we do not and cannot prescribe or diagnose for any illness, disease or any other physical, mental or emotional disorder.

We are legally obligated to advice you to always consult with your own physician or healthcare professional before taking any dietary, nutritional, herbal or homeopathic supplement, or beginning any therapy.

We encourage you to read our disclaimer statement for more details before undergoing a consultation with us.

I just want some immediate relief from a particular symptom. Can I take a remedy that will help?

We understand your concern and we are committed to help you as much as we can through natural, non-toxic and non-invasive ways. That being said, we can create a remedy for you that is specific to your particular symptom(s). This remedy is made only of pure water, but we use a state-of-the-art device called the Remedy Maker which creates a frequency in that water that specifically addresses a particular symptom or a combination of symptoms.

Since it is based on pure water, the remedy is completely free of any side-effects or toxic substances. It is something that you can take to compliment any protocol that you may be using, whether it is from a natural or a conventional medicine approach.

We can also recommend certain natural food supplements and herbs (free of any binders, fillers, or other excipients) to aid in the relief of your symptoms.

We usually cover these concerns when you undergo Natural Health counseling at NHM.

What are homeopathic remedies?

Here is a link to the best source of information regarding homeopathic remedies which NHM advocates and adheres to.

What kind of products do you sell at NHM?

Here at NHM, we specialize in natural health products that are pure and unadulterated as much as possible. We go to great lengths to select vitamins and minerals for you that are raw, which means they are not synthetically-produced and never undergo processing that would heat them above a temperature of 118 degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures that they contain live enzymes (which are destroyed by heat) that are so necessary for good health.

We also have a selection of herbal supplements that do not contain any binders, fillers, flow agents or other excipients such as magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, food coloring, etc. Not only do these excipients have no nutritional value, they are also known to cause undesirable allergic reactions and auto-immune disorders in the body which may lead to more health problems in the future.

Aside from food supplements, we also offer healthy organic foods such as quinoa, chia seeds, hummus, kefir made from goat’s milk or water-based, and much more. These products are available upon special request in advance.

We also offer health and preparedness related products such as Berkey water filters, shower filters, glass water bottles, and more.

NHM’s ultimate goal is to be your main source of high quality and essential natural health and preparedness products in the Philippines and the Asian region. We are continually working towards this goal one step at a time.

*DiclaimerStatements made regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD). Being natural food supplements, these products are not meant to treat, cure or prevent any condition or disease. No therapeutic claims are being made. Please consult with your own physician or healthcare professional regarding the suggestions and recommendations made at

Are you affiliated with any Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company?

Though we have nothing against the system of network marketing and have high respect for it, NHM is not affiliated with any related company. We do however work with network marketing and similar companies who are interested in our educational programs and who would like to organize health-related seminars for their staff and/or representatives.

We recognize that there are many network marketing or mlm companies that have exceptionally high-quality health-related products, such as Young Living’s essential oils, which we use personally and in our practice.

Our products at NHM have been sourced through traditional wholesale businesses in order for us to minimize costs, which in turn allows us to sell them to you at the lowest prices. We also go to great lengths to find sources of the highest quality supplements or raw ingredients based on our own quality standards.

Do you offer discounts on your services and/or products?

For our TKM® Therapy service, we voluntarily offer a ‘senior citizen discount’ to our clients aged 60 and above. We also offer prepaid packages of 10 and 20 therapy sessions to lower the cost per session to all our clients. Furthermore, we have a sliding scale of fees for low income earning clients in need of help, as well as special discounts for church workers such as pastors and missionaries.

For our products, we offer special deals and discounts, most especially through our website and social media promotions. Check back often to find great deals, or contact us to inquire if you are eligible for certain discounts.

Is NHM a government and tax-registered business?

Yes we are! NHM strives to be completely legal and transparent in everything we do, both online and offline. We are registered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) as NHM Natural Health Consulting Services, with a registered business address and with Dr. Andrew Alarcon as the proprietor. We issue BIR-accredited official receipts and we are always up to date with our business permit.

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