Self-Help TKM®

A Simple and Powerful Way to Learn How to Improve Your Health
Self-Help TKM class

The TKM® Self-Help Book, courtesy of The King Institute, Inc.


The Self-Help TKM® class is a two-day course based on the TKM® Self Help Manual, and covers the blueprint of the energy sphere locations that influence all energy systems in the body.

You will learn simplified, one or multiple step procedures for many symptoms, diseases and disorders, which you can apply on yourself each day. This class also includes more understanding on how to properly apply a TKM® sequence, as well as a daily maintenance program and life-saving finger applications for optimum health and balance of bioelectrical energy.

The Self-Help book includes an A to Z index that provides appropriate (simplified) applications for many disorders and symptoms, such as:

      Attending the Self-Help Class in Dallas, Texas costs USD 350 (approx. PhP 16,000) not including travel, boarding and food expenses. Now you can attend this powerful health recovery class in the Philippines for one-third of the cost at only PhP 5,500 inclusive of the Self-Help Book worth USD 40 (approx. PhP 1,800)!