Emergency Integrative Medicine Techniques (EMT)

A Natural Non-Invasive Method For Saving Lives


In this day and age, you need to be prepared for unexpected emergencies. There is only a small window of time to help someone in need during a life threatening medical emergency such as a heart attack, seizure, severe burn or bleeding (hemorrhaging), and what you do during the first five minutes often determines the outcome between life and death. Even if the person in need was rushed to the emergency room within this critical time frame, the chances of survival may still be 50-50 at best.


The good news is that you can learn how to help yourself or a person in need during a medical emergency 

just by using your two hands!


Andrew Alarcon TKM Instructor

The emergency step for third-degree burns, which helps regenerate skin tissue, as taught by Certified TKM® Instructor Andrew Alarcon during an EMT class.


These techniques are easily learned, practiced and retained, and are so simple even a small child can learn how. Best of all, these techniques are non-invasive and require no equipment, so they can be immediately applied when needed.


The EMT or Emergency Integrative Medicine Technique class is based on The King Institute Method® (TKM®), and covers vital information on how bio-energy and our environment affect our health.


You will learn emergency procedures which over the span of more than 25 years have shown to be highly effective in stopping heart attacks, anaphylactic shock, seizures, asthma attacks, third degree burns, choking, hemorrhaging, acute appendicitis, labor pain, as well as other common ailments like poisonous bites, hiccups, splinters and more.


News article on TKM

A Philippine Star news article feature on The King Institute Method® (TKM®) and the EMT class last August 10, 2010.


This class usually includes (time allowing) critical information on common, daily habits and basic environmental toxins that affect health and quality of life.


TKM® EMT classes are only provided by Certified Instructors of the King Institute, which is based in Dallas, Texas. Andrew Alarcon, BND holds a Physics degree from the University of the Philippines and has worked directly with the King Institute’s founder and director, Dr. Glenn Thomas King. He has been a Certified Instructor of TKM® classes since 2009, and has been teaching EMT classes ever since – both in the USA and the Philippines.


Attending the half-day EMT seminar in Dallas, Texas costs USD 125 (approx. PhP 6,000). Now you can attend this life-changing seminar at 50% off for only PhP 3,000 inclusive of the EMT manual. Don’t miss this life-saving opportunity!


We need your help in spreading the word about this unique learning opportunity that can help save many lives, not just in your local community but throughout the Philippines and the Asian region as well.


You can find out more details about the EMT Class Registration here.