TKM® Classes

A description and schedule of TKM® classes that we teach here at NHM.

Welcome to our class description page, where you can find more detailed information about the different TKM® classes that you and your family can attend, as well as our calendar of classes and seminars. Please contact us for more details about how to attend a TKM® class.

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Emergency Integrative Medicine Techniques (EMT)

Self-Help TKM®

Schedule of Classes


Why learn about TKM®?

You can learn to help yourself and others through a gentle and safe method that even a child can apply. TKM® has shown to be very effective in:
  • Stopping a seizure in progress
  • Stopping anaphylactic shock
  • Stopping an asthma attack
  • Consistently stopping a heart attack in progress
  • Relieving acute or chronic pain by addressing the cause
  • Removal of all signs of a common cold
  • Revival of coma patients
  • Reversing or improving conditions of paralysis
  • Reversing or improving conditions of severe arteriosclerosis and gangrene
  • Reduction of healing time for broken bones (fractures) by up to 50 percent
  • Stopping external bleeding (and internal hemorrhaging) without a compress
  • And much more!


What would you learn?

You will learn how TKM® can be applied easily for yourself or for another person in a totally non-invasive manner to help restore proper bio-electromagnetic conductivity (circulation/coherence), without any risk or repercussion. You will learn the interrelations of the body’s systems as well as how to help them perform better PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, and EMOTIONALLY. Also, you’ll learn simple procedures that can help correct the above listed ailments.


Who can attend a class?

Anyone from all walks of life can attend the TKM® classes that we offer at NHM, including children (provided that they are old enough to understand and have a desire to learn about it). Participants in the past have included individuals from stay-at-home parents all the way to prominent members of the medical community, pastors and government officials.

Attending TKM® classes can be a life-changing event. We highly recommend that you attend together as a family, as this can be a great way to bond closer with each other.


Can you teach a class in my area / province / country or for my group / organization / church / school / etc.?

We can work with you to arrange a seminar for your company, organization, hospital, church, college/university, fire and/or police department, neighborhood, community, and those interested in learning how to improve the quality of health and life in TKM®’s uniquely effective way!

We will need a minimum number of 20 participants in order to teach a class. There is no maximum. Please feel free to contact us so we can help you organize a class in your area as soon as possible.

College class lectures are available upon invitation and availability.

Fees for classes can vary depending on the location (national or international), duration and attendance. The more people that attend, the lower the price to cover meeting rooms, travel expenses, etc.


General Class / Seminar Information:

  1. Spouses: Spouses and each family member in the same household (i.e., living under the same roof) can receive a 50% discount on classes attended with the full tuition family member. Proof may be required.  Materials, books and/or manuals are not included for individuals attending with discounted tuition, although they may be purchased separately.  Early Registration (ER) discounts do NOT apply for spouses and family members attending at the discounted tuition.
  2. Review Students: Students reviewing the same class receive a 30% discount. Student must bring books and materials, since they are not re-supplied.
  3. Missionaries and Pastors may inquire for tuition discounts, if needed.
  4. Early Registration: Students who register for a class more than 7 days prior to class date will receive an Early Registration (ER) discount. ER discounts are for full tuition fees, not discounted fees – like review fees.
  5. Special Notice On All Discounts: There are no single or accumulated discounts that will lower a tuition less than 50% of the regular full tuition.
  6. Books and Materials: Course books (EMT manuals or Self-Help books) are purchased separately and are not included in the class tuition. Related handouts are supplied to new students of any class with the exception of spouses (see number 1. above). Course books are not supplied to review students. Therefore, it is important to bring your related book and materials to class.