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The Parasite Cleanse: Parasites And The Full Moon

The Parasite Cleanse: Parasites And The Full Moon

Part 1 of a 3-part Series (Featured Image courtesy of my friend Peter Corvera).


Many of us are excited to witness the “supermoon” on the eve of November 14, 2016. This will be very special since it will be the biggest full moon we will see in the night sky since January 26, 1948. But did you know that it will also have an effect on your health whether you’re aware of it or not?

According to,  a supermoon results when the moon reaches its full phase at its closest point to Earth along the moon’s elliptical orbit, causing it to look bigger and brighter than usual.

But how is this related to your health, you ask?

The answer may creep you out…

Bugs. Critters. Unwelcomed guests.

It’s a well-known fact that all of us have unwanted parasites in our bodies regardless of our age, race or even lifestyle. Studies show that humans host over 100 different species of parasites in the body.

You can be the most extreme germophobe living inside a bubble your whole life. You can be a practitioner of natural medicine trying to live a clean and healthy lifestyle as much as possible like yours truly. Or you can be someone who just doesn’t give a hoot about health in general. All of us will have parasites in our system. It’s how much parasites you’ve got in your system that really matters.

The more toxic exposure you have from the air, water, soil and food in your environment, the more parasites you’ve got. The more junk you feed yourself on a daily basis, the more of them you’ve got. If you’re exposed to household pets or other animals on a regular basis, then you’ve got their parasites in your blood as well, even if you take extra measures to maintain good hygiene for both you and the animals.

But having parasites in your blood doesn’t automatically make you an unhealthy individual. Your body’s own immune system was designed to handle a huge load of them. You just don’t want too much of them in your system, because that leads to…


As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, a healthy immune system can handle a lot of parasites from our food and environment on a daily basis. I have personally seen individuals who have live blood samples literally crawling with parasites, yet their dry blood samples, which give a broader picture of the state of their systems, show little to no indication of stress or damage from these invaders.

Of course, it’s a completely different situation if your immune system is compromised or weak. Then these nasty critters gain a foothold and overwhelm your defense system and create an infestation.

This is especially important during a full moon period, particularly five days before and after a full moon. During this period each month, the parasites in our system, including the dormant ones “hiding” in our deep tissues which are almost impossible to reach, all come out to play.

These nasty bugs and critters are most active during the full moon cycle, and their negative effects on our health are multiplied and felt to a greater degree.

Below is a live video demonstration of a parasite infestation in less than a drop of blood. The images are seen through a monitor connected to a dark field microscope at 50x magnification within an oil immersion, done during a Live Blood Analysis test.  

All the white dots moving in the video, which looks like it’s snowing, are bacterial parasites which have infested red blood cells and have been released by “popping” the blood cells by applying a light pressure on the cover of glass slide. You may even see worm-shaped ones as well, which we give a nice-sounding name to – “rod forms”.

The parasites wreak havoc by invading your body’s cells and stealing their nutrition. Most invaded cells are eventually destroyed by these nasty critters, but some of them such as Mycoplasma cause the invaded cells to no longer be recognized by the system as normal cells but are now seen as neurotoxins and are believed to be responsible for such neurological disorders as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

Not only that, they lay their eggs and excrete toxic wastes that makes its way from our blood to the brain, impacting not only our blood chemistry but even our physical, mental and emotional behavior.


Perhaps this may explain why many people’s behaviors change (for the worse) during a full moon period? In fact, the term “lunatic” derives from luna, the Latin name for the moon. According to Wiktionary the Latin word lunaticus means epileptic, lunatic, moonstruck, or crazy.

Regardless of whether the relationship between the full moon and a shift in human behavior is true or not, I would personally always stay alert and steer clear of erratic drivers on the road during a few days before and after a full moon. Take this from wisdom and personal experience!

The Truth About Parasite Cleansing

The problem with getting rid the parasites in your body is two-fold: first, most of them are dormant and hide within the deep tissues of our organs and body and only come out during a full moon period. They therefore can’t be reached by most methods of cleansing using herbs and other natural substances.

If that’s not enough of a challenge, the second problem is that if the parasite cleansing protocol, which normally consists of only a handful of herbal ingredients, doesn’t reach and eradicate all of the parasites in one sweep, the survivors that get away and succeed in laying their eggs will create a new batch of parasites which have now become immune to the herbal ingredients used  in the said protocol!

This 3-part series of articles aims to shed light on the proper and most effective ways of getting rid of an unwanted parasite infestation from your system. Note that I didn’t say getting rid of all parasites for good from your system. That’s not realistic because we will always be exposed to them in our environment.

Our end game is to not only clear your blood and tissues from an infestation or excess load of parasites, but to also create a healthier “terrain” which will then be unfriendly to these unwanted critters. This way, even though we will still have unwelcomed guests in us after the cleanse, they won’t find the place very hospitable for them anymore and so our own immune system will keep them all at bay.

Who knows, maybe they’ll even leave on their own. We have actually seen that happen time and time again.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I will identify the different types of parasites and their effects on the body.


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