The King Institute Method® (TKM®)

A powerful restorative technique that promotes extraordinarily efficient healing and health recovery.

The King Institute, LLC

The King Institute, LLC is a Christian non-profit  health organization founded in 1990 by Glenn King, PhD in Dallas, Texas that focuses mainly on natural health research, therapy, and education.

Dr. Andrew Alarcon, BND is honored to be an integral part of the team at King Institute, LLC. He works very closely with Dr. King and is a trusted and highly-valued instructor and practitioner of TKM®. Dr. Andrew considers Dr. King as his mentor and continually learns from him first hand.

Our mission at King Institute Better Health Center is to provide knowledge and help for suffering people throughout the world. We are dedicated to serve as ambassadors, bringing restoration, healing, truth, and the love of Christ to the world, giving all the glory to God.

Through educational programs, we train health professionals, health organizations, churches and the general public to understand how to take care of their health and the health of others with a non-invasive, non-toxic natural approach.

Although we are involved in a number of different approaches for improving health naturally,  we focus primarily on a powerful restorative technique that promotes extraordinarily efficient healing and health recovery called TKM® or The King’s Method®. It is also known as The King Institute Method®.

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Below is a special feature video produced by the 700 Club Asia  during one of Dr. King’s visits to the Philippines to teach TKM®.


The King’s Method® or The King Institute Method® (TKM®)

Recent research has revealed TKM® to be one of the most extraordinary discoveries ever for health recovery. For over twenty years, Glenn King, PhD, CDN, CN has researched the physics of the human bio-electromagnetic system and how it affects human health. The results obtained are truly extraordinary and profound.

TKM® is a hands-on approach to health disorders using light touch. It is a complimentary form of natural medicine from a physics understanding of the human body. This gentle method is a non-invasive approach to re-establishing homeostasis (energetic balance and harmony) in your body, addressing the root cause from a physics point of view rather than symptoms of disease or pain (which is simply bio-electromagnetic energy that is not circulating properly). When this energetic system functions properly, then the whole body functions properly physically, mentally, and emotionally.

A typical therapy session is about 45 minutes long. The recipient simply lies down on a bed without removing any clothing (except for external metallic objects and watches), and relaxes or preferably sleeps. The TKM® practitioner gently lays his or her left and right finger pads on precise points on the recipient’s body called energy spheres, in a specific sequence while feeling for balanced energetic pulsations before moving on to the next step until the sequence is finished.

Below is a video interview with several medical professionals including a bioenergetics specialist, a family physician, an osteopathic doctor and world-renowned cardiologist turned Integrative doctor, Dr. William Lee Cowden, explaining and endorsing TKM®.


This method restores bioelectrical circulation (conductivity) and balance (coherence) in the body. It promotes rapid healing and has shown to be highly effective to help reverse critical health issues and chronic diseases as it activates a resurgence of vibrant health.

This method has no known ill effects and been shown to have a profound effect on the bio-electromagnetic systems of the body, which in turn affects all of the body’s biochemical systems. The basic understanding of TKM® has been effectively utilized to treat people for years for common to complex disorders.

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*Special thanks and credits for the videos and information on this page go to The King Institute, LLC.