About NHM

Improving Your Health and Wellness through Natural Medicine

About Natural Health MethodsWelcome to Natural Health Methods (NHM)! NHM is both an online website and an offline natural health facility that’s all about you and your health. We are committed to help and serve you in all areas of health and wellness through non-toxic and non-invasive natural approaches such as natural health counseling, therapy, educational programs and more.

NHM believes that there is no incurable disease. We believe that God created our bodies and has given us an awesome potential and ability to fully heal and regenerate,  and He has supplied us with the proper tools for this. All we need is proper understanding of how He created our bodies to function, and of how we are to utilize the tools that He has provided us with. These tools include some of the following: our hands, whole diet, herbs, pure water, sunshine, exercise and a positive state of mind. We also believe that God has established statutes in the Bible for the proper stewardship of our bodies, and that illness and disease result when these statutes are neglected.

NaturalHealthMethods.com and NHM Natural Health Counseling Services were founded in 2012 by Andrew Alarcon, BND as part of his vision to build a first class natural health website and facility for therapy and education, not only for the Philippines and Asia but meeting global standards as well.  Below are our mission and vision statements:

Our Mission

“We are committed to help and serve in the area of health and wellness, bringing balance, truth, healing, and the love of Christ to the world. We use natural remedies and approaches which God has intended for healing and maintaining the human body, and we combine science and Biblical principles to promote total restoration physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, giving all the glory to God.”

Our Vision

NHM’s goal is to be the foremost authority on total health and wellness in all aspects of life both online and offline, serving as a beacon of truth and knowledge to the world in these last days, helping and touching as many people’s lives as possible for the glory of God.